Virgo and Taurus Compatibility, a Dual Earth Alliance

Virgo and Taurus Compatibility meter shows a real room!

The two Earth signs share a bond, strong and consistent. The steady souls are fortunate enough to fall in the same set.

What does the same set suggest?

A Heaven or a Humdrum?

Let’s unfold!

Virgo and Taurus Temperament Traits

Virgo, with Maiden as a symbol, is a Mutable Earth sign. Virgos are exceptionally determined, reliable, responsible and thoughtful intellectuals.

To them, loyalty is supreme, and in proving their loyalty they knew no limitations.

Taurus, with Bull as a symbol, is a fixed Earth sign. Taurians are focused, strong-minded, genuine, and serene people.

Virgo and Taurus, what’s common between the two?

Earth Signs

According to Birth Chart Compatibility, Virgo and Taurus are both Earth signs and thus are naturally enabled to create a connection to a higher level without even trying. It will be a strong and secure bond with a high scope of growth with time.

Being earth signs, you both seek security, steadiness and a long-lasting relationship. Tradition, consistency and reliability are the key features you crave for.

You both have a practical approach and you are primed to provide solutions. Getting stuck in false arguments is another attribute you both share.

You both are adamant, and in fact, it enables you to secure your future finance.

As a profound match, you’ll pamper your partner with creature comforts where fondness will never be fragile.

Taurus plans future and Virgo steps in with delight to serve his vision, carrying new gist to domestic bliss. 

This concrete combo can construct an exquisite legacy, which is ready to take the test of time.

Virgo and Taurus are Trine


The four elements in astrology fire, earth, air and water have a yin (feminine) and a Yang (masculine) energy.

Higher Compatibility between the same astrological elements is a matter beyond doubts.

No explanations or clarifications to defend your debut!

You both share similar speed and span to deal duels.

Seems soothing or too much to be tackled?


It can be boring occasionally, no fights, clashes and misunderstandings can cause your relationship monotonous, single track with no smack.

Differences push you to grow and are considered constructive.

Being a same-element couple, a cognizant effort is may be needed to puff up the slow jams!


Don’t let any rut keep you stuck!

Time spending with folks of different elemental energy helps creates excitement. Here friends, relatives and co-workers can be those you may get benefit from. They will make you step out of your comfort zone and experience some challenges, risks and diversity.

Fixed Taurus and mutable Virgo, a Good to go!

In astrology, the ‘qualities’ define your role in a relationship.

Are you an opener, a middle batsman, or a finisher?

Do you prefer producing the plan, or do you follow the flow?

What role you play affects your compatibility.

Fixed signs favor constancy while mutable signs opt to change. Cooperation is the key not to drive each other crazy!

In this relationship the fixed sign Taurus craft a plan and stick with it, on the other side the mutable sign chooses to change things in the daily routine as well as in their overall approach towards life.

When a Virgo and Taurus develop a bond on sheer understanding which is natural to the couple, the fixed sign (Taurus) can create an outline that advocates the mutable sign (Virgo)’s innovative plans.

Taurus and Virgo Presiding Planets

Venus rules Taurus and Mercury rules Virgo. Venus and Mercury are close to the Sun, though they look dissimilar, in reality, they are closely alike.

Venus is about romance and so is Taurus, Mercury is a standpoint for communication.

Taurus’ instinctive romanticism and sensuousness provide a firm back to the relationship, on the other hand, Virgo fuels the affiliation with communication.

Taurus and Virgo are both yin

In astrological polarity, there are two energies you can be from, yin (feminine) or yang (masculine).

Other than being Earth signs, you are both yin signs as well: friendly, innate and profound. You have a perfect platform to develop an enduring bond with one another with a puff of romance to refresh.

 Fluctuating moods are bound to bump into each other, causing intense fights leading to a cold war.

 While it’s heavenly to construct a comfy cocoon, keep a careful check that you don’t exploit each other’s individual development.

Virgo Taurus Compatibility, what is negative?

Virgo being mutable is often too critical and commanding. Bull anyhow does not accept any such pushes by its partner or vice versa.

Happening of any such situation is actually the first clang of clashes between the two.

Then there comes the extreme stubbornness of the Taurean which will cause conflict between the two.

 The mutable Virgo will find it too tough to tackle and eventually the grounds will be set for an igniting argument.

Earth signs hold stubbornness to some extent, if you turn that inflexible instinct on your partner, it can initiate an endless war—with nobody ready to shut!

Can Virgo and Taurus be compatible?

When there is a love affair with Virgo and Taurus as counterparts, it is a combo of innate expediency.

Virgo commends Taurus’s asset and commitment while Taurus lauds Virgo’s intellect.

They can be quite genuine, dedicated, loyal and keen to one another, being both Earth signs they have a lot common to share.

What is similar between Virgo and Taurus?

Virgo and Taurus do share plenty of similarities,

They are both Earth signs

They are Yin

They share the same element

And on these bases most of their ideas, goals, problem-solving approach, adaptability and dealings have a greater degree resemblance.


While these signs have a sound set of differences, the Virgo Taurus compatibility is surely solid. This is because both the Earth signs nurture the same scheme of thought. They generally select for synchronous ways of succeeding those points.

Their instinct helps them to become essential counterparts of each other and develop a well-fit and well-knit relationship between them.

Small consideration can go a long way if Virgo stops acting extreme -critical and Taurus takes regular intervals on his negative obstinacy, they have the grounds set to build a long-lasting bond.

A bond with harmony, stability, amity, and mutual reliability.

What do you say?

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