Spiritual Meaning of Super Blood Wolf Moon

In order to understand the spiritual Meaning of Super Blood Wolf Moon, we’ll have to go back in some times.

The humans of the olden times called it a “Wolf Moon” when a full moon occurred in the month of January.

The reason for this was that wolves could be heard howling at the sight of the moon this time of the year.

In more recent times, it has been a commonality for many people to call a full Lunar Eclipse a “Blood Moon”.

The term of “Blood Moon” refers to the deep red color that the moon turns into during the eclipse.

A Supermoon is when the moon appears unusually close to the Earth, therefore bigger and brighter.

So, what is it called when a full moon in the month of January, which appears closer than usual to earth, eclipses?

It is called a “Super Blood Wolf Moon”, and it is a sight to behold.

A Super Blood Wolf Moon combines three separate lunar phenomena into one great cosmic event: A Supermoon, a Blood Moon, and a Wolf Moon.

Considering the various aspects of human life that the different phases of moon represent, what can be the spiritual meaning of a Super Blood Wolf Moon for us human beings?

Let’s explore that question.

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Human Beings and The Moon

Just like the moon affects the tides of the oceans on the earth, it affects our lives, feelings and instincts as well.

The moon has different phases, and these phases serve as the perfect metaphors for the phases of the human life.

The phase where the moon is beginning to appear in the sky represent the auspiciousness in our lives. It is the time for us to embark on new endeavors in our lives, start new chapters, etc.

When the moon is at its highest point around the 14th day of it, it represents the wholeness of our lives. It represents the aspects of our life that are whole and perfect.

 It inspires us to recognize and be grateful for the perfection in our lives.

During the end when the moon begins to fade from the sky into darkness, it represents closure, and the ending of what needs to be ended.

The Spiritual Meaning of the Super Blood Wolf Moon

It goes without saying that an event of such grandiose holds a lot of meaning for the human spirit. The Super Blood Wolf Moon represents new beginnings and clean slates.

It represents resetting of the spiritual clock.

Also, it represents the courage to end the long-held negative aspects of life which are holding you back. It represents closure, and fresh starts.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon invites you to cleanse and refresh your soul.

It offers to instill in yourself new perspectives of observing the world.

Lets say that have been thinking about making or not making a big decision.

The Super Blood Wolf Moon would be the perfect time to decide on it once and for all.

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The moon is a heavenly object of great significance.

This significance is not just for us modern day human beings, but used to be for the early human beings as well.

People estimating about the passing of days and the coming and going of months through moon.

It is evident, then, that an event like the Super Blood Wolf Moon would not come often. But when it will, it will bring a lot of implications for the human beings.

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